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“Where words fail, music speaks...”


Prestige Entertainment, one of the Bay Area’s hottest entertainment establishments, has been sharing their passion for music for over 15 years. Growing up in a Punjabi family, DJ Harman, the founder and CEO of Prestige Entertainment, was inspired by his father’s love for music and the happiness it brings. As he grew older, Harman wanted to share that joy with the world. 


After DJing for friends and family at small events and watching people’s faces light up as the music fills the room, Harman took his hobby to the next level as it soon became his passion. 


With a career spanning over a decade, DJ Harman has performed at numerous weddings, birthdays, club gigs, corporate events, holiday parties, and various other events worldwide. Harman’s ability to read the crowd and keep the energy flowing and growing is what makes his sets unique. Because of his love and passion for music and DJing, Harman has also become one of the top DJs at Bhangra competitions all throughout California. 


Prestige Entertainment is known “to get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it.”

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